Rollingwood Seals Swim Team

The Seals swim in Division 3 of the Central Maryland Swim League (CMSL).  The program provides a fun and competitive atmosphere for swimmers of all ability and runs from the beginning of June through the end of July with daily practices on Monday through Friday and five dual meets scheduled on Saturdays throughout the season.  Swim Team registration is open to kids of all ages as long as they are active members.  The main qualification for our younger swimmers is that they are able to swim one lap of the pool (25 meters) unassisted.   




Congratulations and Best Wishes to our 2020 Seniors

unfortunately the Seals were not able to swim this season and we'd like to take a minute to thank and recognize our seniors.  The CMSL is considering a proposal to allow 2020 seniors to swim (in some capacity) in the 2021 season and we're hoping to see them back on our pool deck next season.  We would like to acknowledge our seniors, thank them for their dedication, and wish them the best as they head off to larger waters.

Will Alokones – Will graduated from The Boys' Latin School of MD and is attending the University of Vermont where he is pursuing a degree in the School of Arts and Sciences (currently undeclared but thinking about Biology).  He enjoys living in Burlington and in addition to classes is also staying occupied by hiking in the Green Mountains, sailing and swimming on Lake Champlain, and becoming immersed in the UVM community.


Lucia Aldave – Lucia graduated from St. Paul's School for Girls and is attending the University of Dayton where she is pursuing a degree in engineering.  Lucia started swimming with the Seals in 2010 and her favorite swim memory is swimming a race with a helium balloon tied to her bathing suit at the 21228 meet, when it was held on her 16th birthday in 2018.  She is hoping to participate in club or intramural field hockey and swimming when college athletics resume.


Elizabeth (Liz) Perry – Liz graduated from Catonsville High School and is attending Frostburg University where she is studying Health Sciences and is a member of the swim team.  Liz has been a swimmer/coach with the Seals and holds several team records (8U free, 9-10 fly, and 15O fly).  She really missed coaching in 2020 and working with our younger Seals!  In place of coaching this summer, Liz earned a spot on the North Bethany Beach Patrol and was recognized as the 2020 Rookie of Year.  


Hannah Stone – Hannah graduated from Catonsville High School’s Class of 2020 and is attending Salisbury University where she is pursuing a degree in Early Education.  She started her CMSL career with Crosby Crossing (prior to entering Kindergarten) and officially became a RW Seal in 2017.  Her favorite memory with the Seals is winning gold medals on Japan’s Olympic Team, one of the many fun practice day events!

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