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Membership Information

New Member Process

To apply for membership, prospective members must complete the Membership Application.

The Board of Directors will review the nomination for approval and If approved, the nominee will be placed on the waiting list (Board meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month and the waiting list is updated shortly thereafter).


Current members can receive 2 free guest passes for referring a new member.  Guest passes will be awarded following the acceptance of the membership application and application fee.  Make sure to identify the referring member on the membership application.


Fees and Dues

Upon acceptance into the pool for the first season, new members will pay a one time fee to procure a bond.  The bond remains with the member as long as they belong to the pool and will be refunded upon resignation of membership pursuant to the by-laws.  The current bond fee is $715.00.


At the beginning of each season (approximately the March time frame) a member in good standing will pay yearly dues.  While the board attempts to hold the yearly dues constant, they are subject to change.

The dues for the 2024 season are $689 (Active); $245 (Special); $465 (Quarter Century).


Waiting List

Click here to access the current waiting list.

Additional Information

For additional information on the membership process, fees and dues, or waiting list, please contact the Rollingwood Membership Chair.

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