2020 Rollingwood Staff

Pool Management

Pool Manager

Assistant Manager

Snack Bar Manager

Snack Bar Assistant Managers

Head Guard

Coeli Love
Clairann Chairs, Jonah Pahel

Coeli Love
Jack Stover

Paul Sullivan, Elliott Wack

Swim Team


Assistant Coaches

Joe Miller

Megan Lehane, Liz Perry, Adam Stein, Maggie Stein,
Jake Stonecipher, Paul Sullivan

Swim Lessons

Swim Lesson Coordinator


Rollingwood is currently accepting applications for the 2021 summer season (application available from button below).  Those wishing to apply for a lifeguard or snack bar position should do so as soon as possible.  Applications are marked by date received and interviews begin in December. 

Applications are not saved from season to season. If you have applied in the past, please complete a new application.  Please email applications and direct any questions to the VP of Personnel.

Current employees wishing to return for the 2021 season are asked to fill out the returning employees form. Please email the form to the VP of Personnel by Dec. 1, 2020.