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Member Resources

The following information is posted to keep Rollingwood members up to date regarding membership management and provide access to relevant membership information, documents, and policies.



Membership Management

Each Membership is assigned an account in the Rollingwood Member Splash membership management system and each member of the Member's household must be registered on the account in order to gain entry to the pool.  Members are responsible for ensuring that all account information is maintained and that member pictures are uploaded and current.  Every Membership is required to upload recent photographs for all members prior to the start of each season.  Members may delete members from their accounts but if a new member needs to be added (e.g., a new child), please contact the Membership Chair.

Please contact the Technology Director with any questions about membership accounts.


Gate Entry

Upon arrival at the pool, the gate entry guard will verify the member’s identity by looking up the member in the membership management system and will log their entry.  Members who cannot be verified (are not listed on the member account or for which no picture is available) will be denied entry to the Pool.


Membership Resignation

To resign from the pool, please submit a letter stating your desire to resign your membership and include the original bond certificate.  Once received, your bond will be refunded (pursuant to the by-laws) and your membership will be terminated.  If the original bond cannot be located, add a notation indicating that the bond has been lost/destroyed. 

Correspondence should be sent to:

   Rollingwood Pool, Inc.

   PO Box 3191

   Catonsville, MD 21228. 

Please contact the Membership Chair with any questions. 

Guest, Party, House Pass, and Nanny Pass Policies

Click here to access a current copy of the Guest Policy and fee schedule.

Membership Meetings

Meeting Minutes
July 2022
Rollingwood Pavilion, Jul 12, 7:00pm
February 2022
Conducted by Mail
February 2024
Bishop Cummins / 7:00 pm
Conducted In Person
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