Seals Announcements

Attention Seals!!! Stay tuned to this page for important notices about meets, pot lucks, team photos,

and other messages from the coaches.

2020 Season

As indicated on the main page, the 2020 CMSL season has been cancelled.

Meet Sign Out Sheet

Any swimmer unable to attend a meet is required to sign out no later than the Tuesday prior to the meet.  Sign out sheets are posted on the swim team bulletin board (between the bathrooms).  Coaches create meet lineup the Wednesday prior and need to know who will be in attendance so please don't forget to sign out.  If you are unable to sign out at the pool, you can also send an email to Coach Joe.  

Volunteers/Food Donations

Calling all Seals!!!  We need your help for home and away meets to make sure that the meets run smoothly.  For home meets, food donations are necessary to help defray costs and we ask that all families provide a donation to each home meet.  In addition, we need many volunteers for both home and away meets.  We ask that all families sign up for one volunteer session per meet (signup sheets are posted to the meet table below).  Please take this requirement seriously and help us to have an enjoyable season.