Seals Announcements

Attention Seals!!! Stay tuned to this page for important notices about meets, pot lucks, team photos,

and other messages from the coaches.

Meet Sign Out Sheet

Any swimmer unable to attend a meet is required to sign out no later than the Tuesday prior to the meet (coaches create meet lineup the Wednesday prior and need to know who will be in attendance).  If one or more of your swimmers are unable to attend, please sign the meet signout sheet below.

Seals 2022 Meet Signout Sheet

Meet Arrival and Start Times

The schedule for meet warmup, arrival, and start times is listed below.

Home Meets*:

     7:45am - Arrive at Pool., Check in w/Coaches

     8:00am - Warmups (10 and under)

     8:15am - Warmups (11 and over)

     9:00am - Meet Start

Away Meets:

     8:15am - Arrive at Pool., Check in w/Coaches

     8:30am - Warmups (10 and under)

     8:45am - Warmups (11 and over)

     9:00am - Meet Start

* - Arrivals and meet start for time trials may vary from this schedule. 

Meet Entries

Meet entries will be circulated (via email) on Friday evening prior to the meet.

Volunteers/Food Donations

Calling all Seals!!!  We need your help to make sure that the meets run smoothly.  Volunteers are needed to assist with timing, clerk of course, table/ribbons, stroke and turn officiating, grill, and concessions.  Please use the volunteer and donation links posted in the meet table (bottom of the swim team page) to sign up.  Please try to sign up for at least one volunteer job assignment for each meet. 

Swim Caps

Latex caps are available from the coaches.  Each swimmer will receive one cap if desired.  For those interested in RW Seals silicone caps, they will be available for purchase at the meets from Bill Protzman.  Silicone caps are $10.

Other Team Gear

Stay tuned for announcements regarding team apparel orders (tee shirts, sweat shirts, ...)

Picture Day (Jul 23, 2022)

Pictures will be taken prior to warmups on Jul 23.  We will gather for the picture at 7:30 so please try to be on time.