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Swim Lesson Group Descriptions

Level One:

Introduction into swimming for younger swimmers.  Students will work on kicking on front and back with assistance, getting faces wet, and submerging head under water while exhaling through nose and mouth.  Self Propulsion with kick board on front and back (with instructors aid if needed).  Floating on both front and back and Pool Safety.


Level Two:

Introduction into swimming for older swimmers.  Breath Control underwater and underwater swimming.  Floating on back and front without assistance.  Swimming freestyle with alternating leg and arm action with assistance.  Swimming backstroke on back with alternating arm and leg action.  Entering and exiting the pool safety.


Level Three:

Introduction into swimming for older swimmers cont.  Breath Control underwater and retrieving objects under water.  Gliding on back and front while kicking, treading water.  Improvement for freestyle and backstroke and ability to swim both without assistance.  Diving will be introduced along with the diving board and slide.  Safety rules for the slide and diving board.


Level Four:

Advanced swimming for older swimmers.  Progression of freestyle and backstroke.  Advanced diving off the side of the pool and the diving board.  Introduction into butterfly and breastroke.

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