Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, members must schedule sessions to visit the pool.

3 Sessions are available (Main Deck, Pavilion, and Baby Pool) with three 2 hour time slots throughout the day (11am to 1pm, 2pm, to 4pm, and 5pm to 7pm).  When you book your session, we ask that you include the number of persons in your family that will be attending (max 4 persons per session - if there are more than 4 persons in your family, you will need to book multiple sessions).  Members attending these sessions may use the facility in accordance with posted policy but must be seated in the area where they have reserved a timeslot.  We request that members only book Baby Pool Deck sessions if they have children that will be using the Baby Pool.

In addition, a Senior session (ages 60 and over) is available daily from 8pm to 9pm.  We ask that all seniors attending follow the posted policies.

We ask that members limit their visits to no more than 2 sessions per week in order that all members are able to use the facilities.  Session/Time Slot registration is limited to 12 hours prior to the event.  If you find you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, we ask that you cancel the appointment so that it can be made available for another member.