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  • This list is an announce-only list.

This is an informational email list for the Rollingwood swim club membership. This list will be used to provide notification of emergencies, unscheduled closings, as well as general information related to upcoming events and messages from the pool board of directors.

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Email addresses subscribed to this list will be used for the purposes described in the list description. Addresses will not be used for solicitaion or marketing purposes.


  1. Announcement: Upcoming Events & 4th of July Schedule
    Sent June 25th 2017

    Just a quick announcement to remind our members of some upcoming events and pour 4th of July schedule Steak Night, Wednesday June 28th - Join us for Steak Night on Wednesday June 28th from 6:30pm to 11:00pm. Tickets can be purchased in the office throug...

  2. ANNOUNCEMENT: Pool Facilities Open
    Sent June 11th 2017

    Rollingwood members, According to Baltimore County law, a pool that has experienced a fecal accident must turn over 3 times. Our pool takes 8 hours to turn over once. In this case, the facility will open tomorrow at approximately 4:00 pm, 24 hours after t...

  3. URGENT: Pool Closing
    Sent June 11th 2017

    Rollingwood Members, The pool will be closed until tomorrow 12pm due to fecal contamination. We are very sorry for the inconvenience! Thank you, Management ...

  4. URGENT Rollingwood Cleanup Day
    Sent May 13th 2017

    Rollingwood Pool cleanup day has been cancelled due to inclement weather. We look forward to seeing you all at the pool on Memorial Day Weekend! ...

  5. ANNOUNCEMENT: Open Pit Fundraiser - Sep 4
    Sent September 2nd 2016

    While we don't know exactly what Hurricane Hermine is going to do this weekend, we do know that the swim team purchased plenty of beef and turkey for the open pit fundraiser on Sunday Sep 4th (proceeds to benefit the Ellicott City businesses). We are sti...

  6. Snack Bar
    Sent August 26th 2016

    We also have fountain sodas. The chicken tenders mention in the past email are buffalo. ...

  7. Snack Bar
    Sent August 26th 2016

    We also have fountain sodas. The chicken tenders mention in the past email are buffalo. ...

  8. Snack Bar
    Sent August 26th 2016

    The following Items are the remaining items available in the snack bar for the remainder of the season: Large Pizzas Spicy Chicken Tenders Snow Balls Candy Chips Ice Cream Thank you! ...

  9. ANNOUNCEMENT: End of Season Hours, Annual Volleyball Tournament, & Other Sep Events
    Sent August 20th 2016

    End of season pool and snack bar hours (Aug 24 through Sep 10) have been posted to the website (and on the pool bulletin board). See the website announcements or pool hours sections on the front page to access the hours. Also,... Come join us for our an...

  10. Rollingwood Membership Message
    Sent August 15th 2016

    Due to the inclement weather and impending storm the pool will be closing at 6:00pm this evening. Sorry for the inconvenience, Managment ...

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