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From: "Rollingwood Membership" <memlistmgr@rollingwoodpool.org>
Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: End of Season Hours, Annual Volleyball Tournament, & Other Sep Events
Date: August 20th 2016

End of season pool and snack bar hours (Aug 24 through Sep 10) have been posted to the website (and on the pool bulletin board). See the website announcements or pool hours sections on the front page to access the hours.

Also,... Come join us for our annual end of season volleyball tournament on Sunday Sep 4th (Labor Day weekend) starting at noon. Scheduled teams of 4 or 5 will play at least 2 games. The last teams with the best record will play for the championship (approximately 5pm to 7pm). Participants must commit to being available for the entire tournament time. To signup, email Greg Levickas at mlevickas@verizon.net. Signup deadline is Aug 30th (no late signups). This is members only and you must be 16 or older to play.

Also,...mark your calendars
Sep 4th - Seals Open Pit Fundraiser 3pm to 7pm Sep 5th - Family Fun Day (free hot dogs starting at 1pm while supplies last) Sep 10th - Rollingwood Crab Feast (tickets on sale in the office through Sep 5th)

Finally, we are still looking for volunteers to serve on the board. Open positions are Treasurer, Vice President, Pools & Grounds, Activities, Member-at-Large, and Membership. This is a great way to get involved to help keep Rollingwood a great and fun family destination. Please consider donating some time to help fill these positions. Signup sheets are posted at the pool.

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